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How Do You Influence Your Audience and Prospects To Do What You Want Them To Do Without Hard Selling and Awkwardness!

Ever spoken to a group of audience and you can’t seem to engage them at all? You are only speaking for an hour but by 20 minutes, you discover that the audience is checking out. They are not interested in your sharing. Are you really that bad?

Don’t you think that one of the scariest thing presenting to a group is to see your audience losing interest in your presentation and yet not knowing what to do about it? Worse still, you still have at least 30 minutes to go. Is this extremely demoralizing? How are you going to reignite the interest of the audience? Were you doing what most Presenters do – continue as if nothing happens?

Did you ever notice that you can’t impact your audience emotionally even though you want it? Your joke falls flat, your story has no impact and you don’t seem to be able to inspire anyone.

You are missing something here!

Don’t you feel extremely discouraged when your audience shows neither emotion nor motivation after your presentation? You can basically see their mind going “just another boring talk”, “just wasted an hour of my time.”

What does that do to your spirit?

Aren’t you demoralized that no matter what you do, your audience is disinterested in what you say? No matter what you do, you are unable to motivate or inspire them to do anything. It seems to you that you are speaking to a lifeless audience.

As a Presenter, this is one of the biggest challenges. And you are faced with no other choice except to finish your talk with the remaining time. You know very well how tiring it is to speak to a group of non-responsive audience. It is more like talking to yourself in a room or a theatre.

You only have one wish – time to go faster!

But if you have the skill, charisma and passion to move your audience, to inspire the room, the outcome will be different. You no longer feel dispirited. In fact, you would want to do more, wouldn’t you?

In case you are thinking, why should you even need to improve your presentation skill?

Because in any presentation, you are to influence your audience to make changes. And if your presentation does not achieve that, you have failed.

Are you someone who is reputable? A leader in an organization who needs to conduct presentations to your company? Your reputation is at stake if you are unable to motivate and engage your team.

Isn’t it a painful experience as a leader of the organization, you are unable to conduct an engaging presentation leaving your people with inspiration?

Do something about it before your reputation goes down the drain.

And here are the common myths that average Presenters believe

1. You believe the content is more important than your delivery.
Big mistake! When your delivery is not up to mark, the content will fall flat. Imagine an invisible arc forming from where you stand to your audience. Poor delivery results in a very short arc, meaning your message is not delivered to the crowd. The bigger the audience the further your invisible arc has to reach. Content is important, but without good presentation skill, regardless of the importance of the content, it is useless because your audience will not get it.
2. You believe that as long as you are sharing your audience is listening.
You might have lost the audience on the 7th minute of your presentation. A Great Presenter knows that his audience has switched off, and will discontinue his sharing to recapture the attention of his audience. Ever heard the saying, “the energy of the room is low.” Can you actually feel that? Can you feel your audience is restless, tired or disinterested? Many Presenters cannot feel it because they are so engrossed in sharing their content and miss out on the more important factor in the presentation. Is their audience getting it? That session becomes a downloading information, but the content is not uploaded to the audience’s mind. Simple because their minds are switched off. As a Presenter if you cannot feel that your audience is off, how would you inspire and motivate them?
3. You believe that $600/day is consider a good income as a Trainer/Presenter
Some even a few thousand dollars in an hour. If you are not making this amount, you are limited by your own mind. Don’t you think you deserve better? But it starts with your ability to command a big group of audience. No one will pay you thousands if you can only effectively speak to 10 people at one time. Raise your standard and your income will follow suit.
4. You think that an introvert cannot be a great Presenter.
Another false belief that is limiting your journey to a great presenter. I’m an introvert who has sold a product in front of a thousand people. And I’ve trained introverts to stand on stage to inspire an audience. Becoming a Powerful Presenter has nothing to do with being an introvert or extrovert. It is all about the skill to engage and enrol your audience, it is about your willingness to learn this skill by getting out of your comfort zone. At this point, would you like to become an Influential Presenter who can move and inspire any audience? If your answer is YES, read on!

As Long As You Want To Be An Influential Presenter, YOU CAN! And You Will Require Some Guidance! And I Am Going To Show You How!

My name is Joe Lee, an introvert by nature. When I was a teenager, I was never a great communicator. I was not someone who stood in front of the class to rally a group. I was never comfortable speaking in front of people. In fact, I shunned all public speaking opportunities.

When I was in any unfamiliar gathering, I would stay one side by myself waiting for someone to strike a conversation with me. I would never take the initiative to approach anyone. If no one approached me, I would be with myself throughout the event.

A client who watched me grown from a teenager to an adult and eventually be a Trainer said this, “This is not the Joe I know, you used to walk into a room and nobody noticed you.” What my client said is true. I was so quiet that no one realized I arrived at any party. Another way to say it is I was in stealth mode, and I was in this mode all the time.

Fast forward to 2003, when I started my journey as a Trainer. Standing in front of people addressing, inspiring and motivating them. I presented in front of 10, 20, 40, 100, 1000 throughout the years.

Bringing the level one step higher, not only do I have to conduct presentations, trainings and talks, I have to persuade, influence and sell on stage. This is a whole new level of skill and knowledge.

I am proud to say that I have come a long way. From an introvert to someone who enjoys speaking to a big crowd, what have I learnt over the years? What are the delivery techniques that I learned that will engage the audience for days? What is the persuasion framework that I acquired that helped me in my sales presentation?


After Applying These Techniques, What Are My Results?

Speaking and commanding 1,000 audiences without feeling demoralized;

Conducted trainings for HSBC, HDB, Singapore Police Force, Holiday Inn, China Insurance, AXA, Konica Minolta, Supreme Court, etc…;


Conducted our very own Train the Trainer Program;


Generated $66,000 in 2 hours through selling on stage;


An impressive Trainer’s profile to create an everlasting first impression;


Getting the audience to do unpopular actions happily.

I can achieve all the above because I applied the influential framework, presentation technique and persuasive skill.

If you are like me, who is an introvert but aspire to inspire, influence and persuade a big group of audience, then you got to join this 2-Day Influential Presentation Program (IPP).

In this 2-Day Influential Presentation Program, you are going to learn:

  • 3 Rules of Engagement to keep your audience engaged
  • Powerful techniques to inspire your audience
  • Creating your Presenter’s story to influence your crowd
  • Preparing your Call to Action at the end of your presentation
  • Principles of Influence to get your audience to take some actions
  • Setting up your room to create influence even before your presentation
  • Framing and preparing the mind of your audience so they agree with you before you even begin
  • Principles of creating your influential script to rock your audience

Value of this 2-Day Program is


Program Details:

Date & Time: 14 & 15 April, 2018 (9AM – 7PM) Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317 Outram Road Singapore 169075

Getting Transformative Testimonial That Sells

When you join us in this program, you are going to get BONUS #1 worth $197. A Special Report: Getting Transformative Testimonial That Sells.

This valuable report shows you how you can get great testimonials from your clients, what are the questions to ask so that their testimonials are precise and bring up your credentials. Don’t you think this is extremely useful when it comes to building your brand?

We are not done yet!

Bonus #02: 
Creating Your Million Dollar Trainer’s Profile

You will also be getting BONUS #2 worth $297. A Special document + 12 powerful questions to guide you in creating your star profile. Creating an impressive profile is a crucial step to building your overall brand.

Would you like more BONUSES?

Bonus #03:
How to Write a Winning Training Proposal

Our next BONUS #03 is worth $997. A template that you can use to create your business proposal if you are required to submit for your prospects. This template gives a priceless impression to your prospects, and once again influence their decision.

With an impressive proposal, you would have stood out from all your competitors.

Bonus #04

On top of all these bonuses, you can review this program over and over again. This bonus would easily worth $9,997. Come back to review the content, meet new people to create new business opportunities!!

Summary of the Value & Benefits:

2-Day Influential Presentation Program: $2,997

Bonus #01 Special Report: $197

Bonus #02 Special Document + 6 Questions: $297

Bonus #03 Proposal Template: $997

Bonus #04 Unlimited Review: $9,997

Total Value: $14,485

We are not going to charge you $14,485. Since the last batch, we would like to maintain the program fee at a competitive rate for a little while. There’s an early bird bonus before we start a full scale marketing campaign which will then increase your investment. Register before 28 Feb 2018 to enjoy a 1-for-1 deal at $997.

Register fast, we are limiting to 20 seats only!

You don’t have to worry anymore, the skill to engage any audience can be learned via our Influential Presentation Program!

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